Converting Flash Videos into Other Video File Formats

I have found a lot of interesting video files online which I wanted to have readily available for use with other media devices I have. The flash video format is the most popular format used for online videos because it uses the least amount of space. Unfortunately, most of my media devices will not play flash or flv files. I searched online and found several video converters which allow me to change the file format of the original flv file. In order to change the original format I had to use a program which would allow me to download the original flv video to my computer. I did notice that some great converter programs come with this download ability as part of the program.

The converters available to use with flv files can be found online as free full programs as trial programs. I actually went through several programs before I found the right one for my needs. Most programs will convert flash video files to AVI or Mpeg 4 formats. These are the standard formats most computer operating systems can use with their media devices. However, I wanted to make DVDs I would be able to play in my DVD player, so I needed to find a converter which could convert the files to Video TS format.

Most converter programs are made with drop down menus which are very easy to use. To convert an flv video to an AVI video I simply run my converter program and select the video file from the import or add option. Then I choose the format I want to convert it to, which includes options for screen resolution and sound. I also choose where I want my new video to be stored on my computer. When I have made all of my selections I simply click the start button and the program does all the work. The new converted video file will be located in the folder I specified for output.